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One Stop Service Plan
    Our One Stop Service Plan is designed help our customers to operate in an more efficient manner by providing all of our services on a scheduled delivery.
Antifreeze Program
    CRT's Antifreeze Program is tailored to meet your needs according to your usage. The program consists of a scheduled delivery of the types and quantity of antifreeze you require on a monthly basis. CRT offers recycled antifreeze which performs just as well as coolants made with virgin products. Our antifreeze is delivered to you in premixed form, providing freeze protection of -34. CRT antifreeze is manufactured with a superb additive package that ensures quality and engine protection.

Oil Filter Recycling
    CRT offers complete reclamation and recycling of your spent oil filters. Your facility will receive a 55 gallon DOT approved drum for storing your spent oil filters. Each drum holds approximately 250-300 automotive filters. When full, CRT will remove the drum and replace it with another.

Sorbent Pads/ Recycling
    CRT offers oil and universal sorbent pads. These unique pads are designed to reduce the amount of material needed to control and collect petroleum based liquids. More importantly, these products can be completely recycled.

Parts Washer Service
    The fluid used in our parts washers, brake machines, and rinse tanks is a mineral spirit that exhibits no hazardous characteristics. This fluid is non-toxic and non-chlorinated yet has proven to be as effective as the toxic chemicals currently in use, but without the expense or liability. CRT offers you the opportunity to rent a machine or we will also service your machine.

Floor Drain Cleaning
    Our Floor Drain Service includes a program for monitoring and maintaining oil/water separators.



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